TS No. 39 - Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap

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Songs That Make Me Feel All Of The Feelings“Colorblind” by Counting Crows

I am colorblind
Coffee black and egg white
Pull me out from inside
I am ready, I am ready, I am ready
I am fine, I am fine, I am fine

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Happy Holidays Everyone!!

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Ed Sheeran ft. Yelawolf - You Don’t Know (For Fuck’s Sake)

OMG what an unexpected collaboration. I love love LOVE Ed Sheeran’s voice but mixed with Yelawolf’s hip hop mantra, it definitely gives his singing more of a seductive appeal. This track has pleasantly surprised me, check it out -AKN

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30 Seconds to Mars - Santa Claus Through The Back Door

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Mashup – Who Knew Someone Like You… (Adele vs. Pink vs. 4 Non Blondes vs. Ben E. King vs. Snow Patrol vs. Lady Gaga vs. Whitney Houston)

This is one of the most gorgeous mashups I’ve ever heard.

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PLUSH | Stone Temple Pilots

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Song of the Day [64/365]
White blank page - Mumford & Sons

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Song of the Day [65/365]
Hard to explain - The Strokes

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i'm not your star: Panic! at the Disco Covers Post


A collection of songs that P!ATD has covered over the years. Organized roughly by the year they were done. Let me know if a link isn’t working, or something, yeah?
Enjoy! (Will be updated as more is released.)

Baby One More Time (Dresden Dolls ft. Brendon Urie)
Baby One More…